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The UniExpo company produces a wide range of presentation systems (banner stands, roll-up systems, customer billboards, exposition walls, presentation tables, clip-clap frames and prospect stands
and money trays).

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Customer stopper in format 70x100cm for price of A1 format ( 70,20 EUR without VAT) !!! ...



ACTION PROLONGED – Customer stopper in format 70x100cm for price of A1 format ( 73,50 EUR without VAT) !!! ...


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The new month brings several novelties and more attractive prices of printing....


Your position: Uniexpo - Presentation systems » Loyalty program

Loyalty program

Loyalty to UniExpo pays back.

There is a wide range of interesting benefits for our loyal customers.
It is only up to you what you choose for your points.

Benefits »

How to earn points

To earn points for your purchases and to change points into presents within our loyalty program you need to register on the website of our loyalty program. The registration is quick and simple. After you are registered you will earn corresponding number of points with every of your orders.

  • 1 point per 100,- Czk (without VAT)
  • Value of each order is added up and points are calculated from the total turnover of each customer.


To earn points for your orders in the actuall year you have to register before December 31 of that year. When you register before December 31 of the actuall year, points will be a added to your account for all purchases in that year and it will be transferred to the next year. When you register in the next year, points for the past year will not be added to your account, you only get points for orders in the actuall year!!

Your point account

State of the point account is accessible for all clients registered in our loyalty program. Just log in. Points are added up on weekly basis, every Monday - so on Tuesday you can check the actual number of points that you have collected already. Once you exchange points for presents, points are deducted immediately.

Use of points

At any moment you can exchange your points for presents that we offer, in any form.


Please make your claims towards the administrator of the loyalty program:

w.a.t.c.h. cz, s.r.o.
Kyjovská 1985/7
142 00 Praha 4
261 263 083

Všeobecné obchodní podmínky věrnostního programu

General business conditions of the loyalty program

  • By the registration in our loyalty program you approve the general business conditions of the w.a.t.c.h. cz, s.r.o. company, see the general business conditions here

Final provisions

  • UniExpo CZ, s.r.o. and w.a.t.c.h. cz, s.r.o. companies have 30 days to answer your claim.
  • The present will be delivered to the customer free of charge.
  • In case of customer in debt the exchange of points for presents will be postponed till the time when such customer will pay off all claims.
  • There is no legal claim for redeeming points in the UniExpo loyalty program.
  • The UniExpo company reserves the right to lower the number of points in case of contractual process. Customer will be informed about the reduction before his order is confirmed.
  • The UniExpo company reserves the right to adjust or change some provisions of the loyalty program. The up to date version of the loyalty program conditions can be found on the website www.unixpo.cz.
  • The loyalty program is valid till October 30, 2009.