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The UniExpo company produces a wide range of presentation systems (banner stands, roll-up systems, customer billboards, exposition walls, presentation tables, clip-clap frames and prospect stands
and money trays).

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From simple presentation all the way to luxurious expositions. The UniExpo company offers you everything you can imagine under the term presentation. On outside all UniExpo systems please the sight with beautiful design and inside you will find first class workmanship. UniExpo brings a wide range of harmonized assortment that fits variety of presentations and environements.

Please select from our wide product offer on the left side menu. Our online e-shop UniExpo is ready for your visit. We will also send you a printed product catalogue upon request. Advertising agencies can apply for attractive dealer discounts, that are available after registration and verification.

Theme print

We print in 720dpi resolution with ECO Solvent inks Ultra designed for interior (no odour) and Mild Solvent inks designed for exterior - photo quality, material Satin, Banner, Polypropylen Banner, City Ligh or bunting.

Banner (TOP Cast 450g) – This is a special PVC canvas with white and smooth surface, offering beatiful printing. Banner TOP Cast material is used and recommended for most presentation systems, because it is washable and lasts for years even if used frequently.

Polypropylen Banner – This is solid and soft medium offering beautiful printing, consistent quality and colour stability demanded by professionals. It guarantees excellent stretch out in the system and its margins do not wriggle. The Polypropylen Banner material can be also used instead of the common cast banner, but it is recommended to use this material preferably for permanent expositions and not for the mobile transport, as the frequent installation slighty wears out the material. For frequent installation is recommended the common and proven banner TOP Cast.

Satin Pos – This is solid and hard medium, thickness 410 microns, offering beautiful print, consistent quality and colour stability demanded by professionals. We can laminate this material so the artwork is protected from scratching. The Satin Pos material is used only for expositional walls and for promo tables, because its thickness makes it unsuitable for instance for roll ups and similar systems.

Bunting Blockout – This is non-transparent textile material with possibility of double-sided printing. We are one of the few companies that can provide double-sided printing in high photo quality. Double-sided bunting is recommended only for the interior and for the exterior is recommended the standard one-sided bunting, which possess great permeability in a strong wind.

Artwork for your theme

Our partner graphic studio will prepare artwork for your theme.

Custom made products

Too small? Too big? We will fix it. For most products UniExpo offers possibility of custom made sizes.

Loyalty program

Our clients can participate in a loaylty program with many great benefits.

Warehouse stock

All UniExpo products are being continuosly produced and we keep sufficient amounts in our warehouse.

Discover presentation from a different angle.

  • Delivery of systems in CZ within 24 hours (for orders submitted before 1pm)
  • Delivery of systems to other countries within 72 hours (for orders submitted before 1pm)
  • Delivery of systems with print within 5 working days
  • Orders over 2500,- CZK – free transportation (to CZ)
  • Orders over 10000,- CZK – free transportation (to SK)
  • Orders over 20000,- CZK – free transportation (to DE)
  • Rewarding cooperation and sales support for advertising agencies
  • Easy ordering via online e-shop UniExpo
  • Loyalty program with many great benefits
  • Low prices, high quality, easy assembly
  • All products available from warehouse
  • Systems in tailor made sizes available
  • Bulk discounts
  • Artwork and theme print